To enroll your child (children) in Kid's Korner Learning and Development Center, you must attend orientation with the Director and Assistant Director to review and agree to our policies and procedures, tell us about your child (children), and tour the facilities.

All forms, policies and procedures must be completed. Parents must provide a child health history, immunization record, list of the child's disabilities, emergency contacts, list of authorized people who can pick up your child (children), list of allergies, medical concerns/conditions, medications, and hospital preference.

Childcare Fees
Call us at 423-702-5264 for current rates and fees.

Kid's Korner Learning and Development Center abide by the federal and state laws regarding privacy. We will not discuss the conduct of a child or parent with anyone outside employees of the center other than a parent, guardian, or legal representative.

Our caregivers are trained not to discuss anything concerning a child or parent with other employees, unless there is a staff emergency concern. Any information should and will need to be address to the Director or Assistant Director.